Stephen Hepburn: Who wouldn’t be angry?

Voting for the general election takes place on June 8.
Voting for the general election takes place on June 8.

We’re off and I can’t wait for the General Election on Thursday, June 8.

Six weeks from now we get our chance to vote for a Labour Government and kick out the Tories.

To vote Labour for a £10 an hour minimum wage to give six million people a pay rise and end dreadful exploitation at work.

To vote Labour for free school meals for primary as well as infant school pupils.

To vote Labour to save our NHS and end the school cuts.

To vote Labour to build a million homes over five years to buy and rent.

To vote Labour to re-nationalise the railways so trains run for the millions, not the millionaires.

After seven Conservative years of people getting poorer, we desperately need real change.

This election is a clear choice between a Labour Party standing up for you and a U-turn Tory Party failing working people.

Who wouldn’t be angry with Conservatives holding back proud, ordinary people in their everyday lives?

Who wouldn’t be angry when the hungry and desperate are forced to rely on the charity of Food Banks organised by wonderful charities?

Who wouldn’t be angry when they see people having a bailiff turn up at the door?

Who wouldn’t be angry when they work hard all week and still don’t earn enough to live properly?

Who wouldn’t be angry when they see people lying on trolleys in hospital corridors?

Who wouldn’t be angry when they see more and more people homeless?

Who wouldn’t be angry when under the Tories working families are set to be on average more than £1,400 a year worse off?

The election is your opportunity to get even, not just angry, and vote for a Labour Government.

I promise to fight hard for you and your family if you put your trust in me and Labour.

Labour will invest in our children’s education and skills for our workers.

Labour will reinstate nurses’ bursaries and give more people the chance to train to be nurses so that the sick get the care they need.

In the coming weeks of this campaign I will be hitting the streets and talking to people in the Jarrow parliamentary constituency including Hebburn, the Boldons, Cleadon Village, Pelaw and Heworth and Wardley and Leam Lane.

I hope you read about the election in the Gazette and come along to any hustings in the area.

Because I want to hear what you have to say and put Labour’s case to build a fairer, better Britain for you and your side.

I’m proud to be local born and bred, representing great people and vibrant communities in South Tyneside and Gateshead.

I believe we deserve a better crack of the whip and only Labour can do that, not a Tory Party headed by people in the pockets of the rich and who have to look at a map to find out where we live.

So, please, use your postal vote or vote on June 8. Let’s vote for real change.