The general election can’t come soon enough

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I WISH you and your family, neighbours and friends a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. The General Election is just over four months away and I can’t stress the importance of the momentous choice facing us. I’ve fought David Cameron and his posh boys as they’ve cheated the poor, robbed the disabled and left working people £1,600-a-year worse off. Tory austerity forced 1,600 hungry people in South Tyneside to rely on the charity of food banks.

Labour would be very different. We’re on your side.

Labour will raise the minimum wage, give the young a chance, expand free ­childcare for working parents, scrap the hated bedroom tax and cut business rates for small firms.

Labour will balance the books in a fairer way, starting by reversing the Tories’ £3bn tax cut for the top one per cent of earners, build more homes and, to raise extra funds for our NHS, we’d ask the lucky few in properties worth over £2m to pay a bit more each year through a mansion tax.

The election on May 7 can’t come soon enough so we can see the back of the Tories.

Happy 2015!