There really is no ‘N’ to this stupidity - Richard Ord on ‘council tax’ Brexit graffiti

You had one job...

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 1:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 2:33 pm

Well, in this case it wasn’t a job, it was a crime that blighted the community and heaped misery on innocent families who had their homes daubed with graffiti.

But, that said, the reaction of the public to the ill-judged and illiterate paint job in Sunderland was priceless.

For the record, a vandal painted “No Brexit? No Coucil Tax!” in white paint across the side of someone’s house as some sort of 1970s’ style protest.

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A confused message made all the more stupid by the omission of the letter ‘n’ in ‘Council.’

There is, of course, no obvious link between Brexit and council tax. If you want to punish the Government for mucking up Brexit you don’t take it out on your local authority.

If people refused to pay council tax in the event of no Brexit, then only the local council and community would suffer.

For example, there would be no money to fund the clean up of eye-sore graffiti on families’ homes.

There would also be less money available to help the local authority support local schools.

While the ramifications of that are difficult to predict, it’s certainly unlikely to improve standards in education. Basic skills like, erm, spelling, for example, may be adversely affected!

Be assured that Theresa May is not quaking in her boots at the prospect of people in Labour voting constituencies refusing to pay their council tax.

While I would happily spend the next few column inches slating the paintbrush plonkers responsible for this attack, the Facebook contributors who commented on the wanton act of vandalism did a fine job themselves.

Here’s my pick of the best take downs ...

Richard Turner: “Coucil tax? If only a tin of Dulux came with spell check.”

Pete Bogg: “Thick as mince.”

Paul Noble: “Thick as a whale omelette.”

Anthony Dent: “To be fair if their spelling was better there’d be even more to clean off.”

Giancarlo Malt: “ It wouldn’t have fit on the house if he put the ‘N’ in it.”

Mal Cornfield: “Probably painted by Donald Tusk ... now there’s a conspiracy theory.”

Anthony Dent: “To be fair if their spelling was better, there would be even more to clean off.”

Chris Higgins: “Don’t suppose they could come and finish off my living room ceiling, could they?”

Sean Loco Chapman: “I see Banksy has upped his game ...”

Neal Davidson: “I blame the Mags.”

Anthony Mcbay: “A special kind of stupid.”

Pete Bogg: “Is it Banksy’s idiot cousin Faragesy?”

As a footnote, it’s worth noting that the graffiti was spelt correctly in other areas. Though in one of the offending daubs the ‘N’ in ‘No Brexit’ was the wrong way round. Backwards, a bit like the author of the graffiti.