"By the time Christmas comes the novelty has worn off" - Two thirds of readers think Christmas starts to early

It’s still only November, but we’ve all seen houses lit up for Christmas already, while supermarkets can’t seem to start the festive season early enough.

Humbug! Does the festive season start too early?
Humbug! Does the festive season start too early?

With this in mind we asked Gazette readers in our Facebook poll: “Do you think the build-up to Christmas starts too early?” At the time of writing, over 300 people had voted, with 63% saying yes, 37% no.

Vicky Chisholm said: “When I was a kid it was 12 days before. It made it all the more special and shiny. By the 25th decorations are thick of dust and I've had enough of Christmas.”

But Edith Lyn Mendez Luis is in the mood already. She said: “It starts whenever you want it to. My decs are up but the outdoor lights don't get switched on till Dec 1st. It's my business, no one else's.”

Alan Donaldson said: “People have started to put up decs and it's still November. So the answer is YES!!”

Paul Barfoot’s message, sent on November 25, read: “Today is fine. It's now exactly a month away.”

Peter Davies said bluntly: “Is it Christmas? NOPE. Answers its own question really.”

Steven Lorrison doesn’t like the early start either, saying: “Putting them (decorations) up early spoils it for Christmas period. By the time Christmas actually comes the novelty of it has been lost. I love Christmas, but at Christmas time.”

A distinctly un-festive Gary Dunmore said: “I think it should be every ten years.”