Over 1,200 contact charity’s crisis page after Coronation Street’s suicide storyline

Shayne Ward
Shayne Ward

A mental health charity saw a rise in the number of visitors to its crisis page following Wednesday night’s episode of Coronation Street which highlighted male suicide.

In the one-hour programme, viewers saw Aidan Conner’s father find his son who had taken his own life.

Men are more at risk of suicide

Men are more at risk of suicide

The emotionally charged scenes prompted people to take to social media to share telephone helplines and to encourage people to talk to one another.

Later that night, Washington Mind’s crisis page was accessed by over 1,200 individuals following the episode’s end credits.

Recent figures suggest 12 men a day take their own lives.

Jacqui Reeves, from Washington Mind, which also runs courses in South Tyneside, said: “Following the episode we saw an increase in the number of people who visited the crisis page, this may have people who were seeking support for themselves or people concerned for their loved ones. The fact people visited the page is a positive one. We’d like to think that by people accessing the page it has gone on to save lives.”

We’d like to think that by people accessing the page it has gone on to save lives.

Jacqui Reeves

An app created by the group and young people aims to give people thinking about taking their own life reasons to live.

#Reasons2 provides a safe place where people can log their own reasons so that when they are feeling low they can pop back to the app. It also links to the wellbeinginfo.org so people can find information on where they can get support.

For the app visit www.wellbeinginfo.org/reasons2