Owner goes doggy dating to find her pet a partner

IT'S A DOG'S LIFE ... Stacie Stewart with her dog Percy, who is on a social networking site to find a suitable mate.
IT'S A DOG'S LIFE ... Stacie Stewart with her dog Percy, who is on a social networking site to find a suitable mate.

PIMPED-out pooch Percy is hoping to make a stud of himself – with the help of the internet!

The two-year-old Scottish terrier has been enrolled on a doggy social networking site by owner, This Morning chef Stacie Stewart.

Celebrity chef Stacie, 29, says the time is right for Percy to find a mate – but she wants it to be the dog of his dreams.

Scouring the internet, she stumbled across canine courtship sites for dogs looking for a mate or just for some like-minded company.

Stacie, who lives with husband James, 30, in Whitburn, said: “I never realised these sites existed, but they are great.

“You can study dogs on them to find other pedigrees, or you can use can them to find company for another dog to walk and play with.

“Dogs can get really lonely sometimes, when they are the only pet.

“Some of the adverts are really funny as the owners have written them as if they are the dogs, saying they are looking for specific colours and breeds. It’s like a lonely hearts ad.”

Stacie has had Percy since he was a pup, after she brought him from a pedigree breeder.

“Percy’s such a good example of his breed, so it would be a shame not to breed him, plus he’s getting a bit frisky,” she said.

“He’s got a big head, long neck and a flat back, which are really desirable features for a Scottish terrier. We got him from a breeder in Birtley when he was six weeks old, but unfortunately, there’s not a lot of Scottish terriers in the North East.

“So if there’s any lady dog out there who wants a date in the park and to share a tin of Pedigree Chum, Percy’s your man.”

Percy’s first date would be free as he’s not proven, but after that Stacie could expect to charge about £350 or have the pick of the litter

Pups of his breed can fetch anything up to £650.

Percy’s proving quite a doggy celebrity, regularly appearing on Stacie’s websites and blog.

She said: “We have him out twice, three times a day on the beach.

“He’s a really friendly dog, and because there’s not many of his breed that get down the beach, people always say ‘look there’s Percy, so that must be Stacie’.

“You never know, he might become famous.

“There’s a gap in the market after Rick Stein’s dog, Chalky, died.”

Since appearing in the Masterchef 6 final, former St Anthony’s School pupil Stacie has been whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

As well as opening her own business, the Beehive Bakery, Stacie has become a regular in the This Morning kitchen.

Other upcoming culinary engagements include appearances on Masterchef Live and the Good Food Show roadshow.