Painting class is just for women

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A SOUTH Tyneside artist is launching a painting class just for women.

Carol White is inviting artistic ladies to join The Whitburn Women’s Watercolour Group.

The classes start on Friday, September 13, and will run each week, from 10am to noon and 2pm to 4pm.

Carol, a mum-of-two, from East Boldon, who runs Carol’s Art is hosting the sessions at the Parish Hall in Sandy Chare, Whitburn.

She said: “I realise there is a risk of being seen as sexist by providing a women-only group, but it works brilliantly.

“The ladies welcome it, they can chat openly to each other about life, family or health issues, and put their world to rights from a female point of view.

“It’s their chill time and their therapy. I do think that, at times, men and women like to enjoy company with their own gender groups.

“I do, of course, provide painting courses for both men and women combined.”

The ladies already signed up to the class met at Whitburn Library and formed a friendship through Carol’s painting classes.

They, along with any new members, will take part in classes as well as enjoy days of painting outdoors.

Carol added: “My aim is to provide a creative retreat for a couple of hours a week for those ladies who need a bit of ‘me time’.

“The object is to have a bit of fun and make new friends, and learn a new skill or two while we are there.

“The nice thing about learning to paint is that it’s an activity that can be transferred to our own homes, is a wonderful therapy and an interesting way to while away the hours on a long winter night.”

Carol will also be teaching sculpture and glass painting at the sessions.

Spaces are available in both morning and afternoon sessions, and cost £10 per week.

People of all skill levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Anyone hoping to join The Whitburn Women’s Watercolour Group should call Carol on 536 7851 or 07916 289501.

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