Pancake Day: 11 delicious ways to eat your treats this Shrove Tuesday

One of the best Tuesdays of the year has almost arrived - a day where it's okay to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you prefer your pancakes thick or thin?
Do you prefer your pancakes thick or thin?

But our question is - how will you have them?

Do you prefer a thin and buttery crepe, or a deliciously thick American offering?

This year's Shrove Tuesday is on February 9.

Will you plump for sickly and sweet, with sugar toppings, or filling and savoury and perhaps stuffed with cheese?

Whatever your choice, we promise there's one you'll like.

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is celebrated on February 9 this year.

Historically, eating pancakes was seen as a way to use up rich foods before Lent, which begins the following day on Ash Wednesday.

How will you have your pancakes this Shrove Tuesday?

The fasting season that follows lasts for 40 days.

Which pancakes will you try this year? Don't forget to let us know your own suggestions for recipes, and we'll add them to the list!

Lemon and sugar: A classic combination. Who can fault it?

Chocolate sauce: The perfect choice for a chocoholic - keep the cakes thin and crispy, before drenching them in your chocolate sauce of choice - white, milk, or dark?

This year's Shrove Tuesday is on February 9.

Melted chocolate and strawberries: For something a bit more decadent. Reach for your favourite chocolate bar and melt it down in the saucepan for a few minutes. Add strawberries!

Red berries and whipped cream: Great for a treat breakfast! Opt for squirty cream, or whip your own double cream for an extra touch of class.

Maple syrup and crispy bacon: Who says you have to choose between sweet and savoury? Have the best of both worlds and enjoy this pleasing dish.

Cinnamon sugar and golden syrup: The ultimate sugar overload - but definitely a good choice. Drench in syrup and sprinkle with the tasty, spicy sugar.

How will you have your pancakes this Shrove Tuesday?

Ham and melted cheese: Turn your pudding into a meal with smoked ham and your favourite melted cheese.

Hoisin duck pancakes: Okay, we know this is cheating a little bit. But if you can't be bothered to whip up your own batch, head out to your favourite Oriental restaurant for a portion.

Crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jam: It's a classic sandwich, so why not make it a classic pancake dish? Pack your pancake full of the fillings, fold it over and enjoy!

Sliced banana and smooth peanut butter: A firm favourite for all the family - and you're even sneaking a bit of fruit in there too.

Cream cheese and red onion: If you don't have a sweet tooth, this one is bound to tickle the taste buds. Fry off your onions and let the cheese start to melt - yum!