Parents of Charlie Cookson ask people to 'pray' for baby son Carter after heart operation

Little Carter Cookson,  who was born on Boxing Day 2018,  has undergone a heart operation.
Little Carter Cookson, who was born on Boxing Day 2018, has undergone a heart operation.

The mum and dad of a battling South Shields baby have asked people to 'pray' for their son who has just undergone heart surgery.

Sarah and Chris Cookson welcomed their little boy Carter into the world on Boxing Day but were devastated to discover their 'little super hero' has serious problems with his heart.

The couple, who tragically lost son Charlie Cookson five years ago following a mystery medical condition, are known for setting up the The Charlie Cookson Foundation in his memory.

The charity gives grants to help families who have a child with a life-limiting conditions.

And now their newborn son Carter is facing a battle of his own, suffering three cardiac arrests when he was just a day old.

Earlier today he underwent heart surgery and had a pace maker fitted at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

In a post on the Charlie Cookson Foundation Facebook page his mum Sarah thanked people for their support and asked then to 'pray for Carter'.

She said: "Thank you.

"Your prayers, love and support are working without any doubt.

"The operation went well, those amazing surgeons done what they said they were going to do.

"They have inserted a tube into his heart to drain the left side and fitted his heart with wires attached to a pace maker outside of his body.

"We now need our boy to show us what he has got and needs his heart to start a rhythm and start and pump his blood.

"This is plan A. We are praying this plan works, as if not we have only five weeks for plan B - to get him a new heart.

"Howay Carter - show everyone you can do this!

"We love you with all our hearts.

"Keep watching over your little brother Charlie we know you are doing all you can. #prayforcarter"