ParkingEye ‘chaos’ claims after driver hit with ‘unfair’ ticket

Carolyn Scott is angry over parking charges at South Tyneside District Hospital
Carolyn Scott is angry over parking charges at South Tyneside District Hospital

A furious driver is urging South Tynesiders to appeal ‘unfair’ parking tickets.

Carolyn Scott received a £70 fine from ParkingEye after taking her poorly aunt to South Tyneside District Hospital in an emergency on Saturday, February 20.

From now on let us all keep an eye on ParkingEye.

Carolyn Scott

However, when Carolyn went to pay, the machine took her money and no ticket was provided and but she had no more cash to buy a new one.

Worried she was going to end up with a fine, she rang up the company and claims she was assured that other people had also had problems and everything would be ok.

But a week later the media sales rep from Jarrow received the fine through the post.

Carolyn said: “On that Saturday there was absolute chaos going on, people were running back and forth trying to get a ticket.

“I only had a bit of change on me as I’d dashed out. I explained I didn’t have any more money, the machine had taken all mine and I didn’t have any cards either.

“So to be assured that you’re not going to get a fine and then end up with one is a disgrace.”

Carolyn then wrote a letter of appeal to the company - stating again what had happened.

But a few days later she was told her appeal had failed.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it. I went into great detail, naming the employees that I had spoken to, explained how I had actually paid - but it didn’t to matter.

“So I rang them back again and to be honest I don’t even think they even read my appeal.

“I threatened them with the press and suddenly my fine was quashed.

“I dread to think how many others must have received fines that day and been too worried when they’ve received the notice they’ve just paid up.

“From now on let us all keep an eye on ParkingEye, this needs to stop.”

A ParkingEye spokesman said: “Ms Scott received a parking charge because she stayed in the car park for longer than the amount of time paid for. On this occasion the charge was cancelled as a gesture of goodwill.”