Pastor is praying for £150,000 windfall to repair his new South Shields church

Pastor Joseph is aiming to fundraise �150,000 to fund a new roof.
Pastor Joseph is aiming to fundraise �150,000 to fund a new roof.

A clergyman from South Shields is praying for a miracle – or £150,000 – to fix his church roof.

Pastor Joseph Omoragbo, who leads the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), moved into his latest place of worship in March after the building was gifted to the organisation.

The church's new home is in need of restoration work

The church's new home is in need of restoration work

His congregation will officially take ownership of the church in Robinson Street, off Westoe Road, later this month, but the building is in a state of disrepair.

This will be RCCG’s sixth home since January 2012 - and hopefully its last.

Pastor Joseph said: “We have had so many different homes. I don’t think there are many churches that have had to find as many different venues as we have.

“We’ve been based at the Customs House, St Bede’s, Derby Terrace, the Armstrong Hall, the Queen Vic pub and New Hope Church.

“At one point we even had services in my front room. But I never gave up hope, I knew that if we were patient the Lord would provide.”

However, Pastor Joseph’s new church has a long list of repairs to be tackled before it’s restored to its former glory.

The building needs a new roof, internal restructuring and decorating, heaters, air conditioning, damp proofing and draining issues fixed.

It’s estimated that all the work will cost in the region of £150,000, which Pastor Joseph and his team will have to source from donations and fundraising.

In the future it’s hoped the church will be able to offer a public toilet and shower room for the homeless.

A soup kitchen, a football extra tournament project aimed at empowering youngsters and a summer food and games project to keep kids busy are also planned.

Pastor Joseph said: “We see this timely gift as a source of motivation that will consolidate our social action activities to the good people of South Tyneside.

“Apart from the above social action activities, we also are building a multicultural Christian community made up of six different countries.”

Pastor Joseph is hoping companies, organisations or kind people will be able to help his fundraising mission.

He said: “We haven’t been able to apply for grants and fundraising yet, as we didn’t officially own the building, but we will soon be able to start.

“We are hoping that once people see our plight they may be able to help us out.

“We do have a lot to raise, but we have faith and I am confident our prayers will be answered.”