People have say on MPs’ pay

Iain Wright
Iain Wright

Readers have reacted to the news that Hartlepool MP Iain Wright is set to give his £7,000 pay rise to charity.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) confirmed that MPs’ salaries will increase by £7,000 a year from £67,060 to £74,000.

Mr Wright has dubbed the proposal “ridiculous” and said he is going to give it to charity.

The move brought on a string of comments from people on our Facebook page.

Ray Arnold commented: “I hope it’s a Hartlepool charity after all we are one of the poorest towns in the country and he is supposed to look after the town.”

John Anthony Bell said: “Good on him.”

Mark Day said: “He should give it to miles for men cancer charity.”

Michael Stalley commented: “Nice if he could give it direct to a forces charity in the region who help homeless military as the North East is a big recruitment area for the forces.”

Several people also posted negative comments about Mr Wright and the move to give the money to charity. Judith Hindmarsh commented: “Give the guy a break! Slated for being given a pay rise..slated for giving pay rise away?? Plain stupid some of ya!”

Stephen Picton said: “Give it to miles for men and do the fun run Iain.”

Andy Hammond commented: “Fair play to him. Children’s charity.”

Debbie Simmons said: “I haven’t liked him in the past but for gods sake give him a break – if this is true then good on him.”

Andrew Young wrote: “You get paid to do a job, not his fault he gets more money.”