Cannabis, sex toys and 383 bank cards: The weird items passengers have left on the Tyne and Wear Metro

It’s easily done and most of us will have experienced that sinking feeling when the Metro doors close behind you and you realise you’re missing something important.

Monday, 27th January 2020, 11:00 am
Updated Monday, 27th January 2020, 11:00 am
The weird items left on board the Metro

Now Nexus has revealed the thousands of items that have been left behind throughout the year.

Unsurprisingly there are a lot of the classic lost credit cards, phones, keys that have been handed in.

But there’s also a few wacky and weird items that have been found and handed in to the Metro between January 1 to November 12, 2019.

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Weird and bizarre items found on the Metro:

Four Mexican straw hats

A pocket bible

A Quran

Lingerie and a sex toy found the day before Valentine’s Day

Hufflepuff wooden sign

Fishing rod and box

Ariana Grande poster

NUFC season pass (although we don’t know if that might have been left intentionally.)

One black Vivienne Westwood shoe...found on the track

Les Misérables theatre ticket

Items of sentimental value we hope were reunited with their owner:

A wedding ring

Silver heart locket has a picture of Navy officer

10 children’s teddies

Clinton gift bag with a pink Yankee Candle glass jar and Mother’s Day card

Small diamond ring

Items you really don’t want to lose:

17 passports (including Irish, Spanish, Thai and Chinese passports)

206 mobile phones

106 purses

156 wallets

383 bank cards

226 sets of keys

Prohibited items that have been left in the Metro:



JD drawstring bag contains three bottle of alcohol with security tags on them

This is what Nexus says about lost items:

“Metro carries 36 million passengers a year and is part of everyday life in Tyne and Wear, so we do see thousands of items lost property left on the network.

“The majority of the less valuable items that people lose when they are travelling will never get collected. When it comes to the more expensive goods like mobile phones and laptops you will usually get people coming in to claim them back.

“A lot of lost property is of such little value that some people may decide not to bother chasing it up. Some customers may not realise that passengers or staff on the Metro will have handed the missing items in at the lost property office.

“We keep the lost property in storage for three months at our Control Centre in South Gosforth.

“We certainly get a wide range of items coming in. The more run of the mill stuff will include hundreds of umbrellas, mobile phones, pairs of glasses, wallets, handbags and children’s toys.

“From time to time we do see more weird wonderful things and it’s amazing what people will leave on board a train.

“All prohibited items of lost property are handed to the police to be destroyed.”