Cut prices and make memories: What you said about taking children on term-time holidays

The majority of Gazette readers have shown their support for families being allowed to take children out of school for term-time holidays.

Saturday, 31st August 2019, 10:03 am
Updated Monday, 2nd September 2019, 12:35 pm
You have been sharing your views in our Facebook poll about term-time holidays.

More than 1,800 readers took part in a Facebook poll, with 85% agreeing that parents should be able to take their children out of school in term time.

Here is what you said on social media:

Lorraine Derrett: “My husband rarely got his holidays during school holidays, we would never have had a family holiday if we hadn’t kept our daughter off school. She’s a teacher now so it obviously didn’t harm her education.”

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Cate West: “No, no, no. Education is paramount. However, I disagree that prices for ANYTHING should be raised in school holidays.”

Jacquie Rose: “Only if they have good attendance and attitude the rest of the time and only once per academic year.”

Lisa Stuart: “When my eldest daughter was at school we were allowed to send in a holiday form requesting up to 10 school days holiday. My youngest who is 16 and has just left school wasn’t allowed to take any time off. We did take her out of school for holidays as I think its beneficial for kids to have family time and not every parent can take time off during school holidays.”

Michelle Beard: “Education can come any time of life, opening your children’s horizons cannot, equally important!”

Lynn Taylor: “I voted yes because my daughter has additional needs and she has appointments within school time, not our fault their not open out of school hours. My daughter should not be penalized for this.”

Alec Jones: “I find it interesting that I can hardly remember an individual day in school, but can clearly remember days when I was taken out of school to do something special. Life is rather more important than attending every single day in order to get better SATs.”

Donna Watson: “My son has a great attendance record but we cant afford a break when it's the school holidays, the prices can triple.”