Doors kicked, verbal abuse and objects thrown at cars: Campaign of anti-social behaviour 'frightening' South Tyneside community

Residents are being left ‘frightened’ and ‘intimidated’ in their own homes after a wave of anti-social behaviour in Jarrow.

Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 1:23 pm

In the last week there have been reports of criminal damage, intimidation and objects being thrown at cars, after a group of youths launched a campaign of disruption in the Primrose area.

Residents on Stanley Street had their front doors kicked on Monday, November 11, while staff at Morrisons petrol station and Jarrow Focus nearby are said to have been verbally ‘abused’ and ‘antagonised’ by the teens.

The group, described as five or six young males on bikes, have been seen hiding in bushes and throwing objects such as apples and stones at passing cars.

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Staple Road Jarrow. Picture by FRANK REID

Councillor Geraldine Kilgour had an object thrown at her car, while outside Morrisons on Staple Road.

“It’s not even about the damage, it’s about respect,” said Coun Kilgour.

“These young boys are causing alarm and distress and creating a feeling of intimidation when people are walking from Morrisons over to their homes in central Jarrow. They don't feel safe and it's wrong.”

Coun Kilgour added that the council’s anti-social behaviour team had been involved and tenancies could be at risk if the young people’s parents are living in local authority homes.

Geraldine Kilgour (left) with Moria Smith in Staple Road Jarrow. Picture by FRANK REID

She added: “We’ve covered all the various agencies and we will have it resolved.

“I would just urge the families to encourage these young people to engage in good activities rather than negative ones that are frightening our communities.”

Coun Moira Smith, representative for the Primrose ward and lead member for Children, Adults and Families, commented: “People shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of behaviour, either when they’re at home or out shopping, and we will work very closely with the police to put a stop to it.”

Police say they have received a number of reports of anti-social behaviour in the area and have urged parents to be aware of where their children are going in the evening.

Neighbourhood Inspector for Jarrow, Denise Easdon, said: “We are aware of these reports of anti-social behaviour and agree with residents that it is not acceptable. Police have received reports of teenagers throwing apples at cars, acting in an intimidating manner at the Morrisons store and causing low level criminal damage.

“We have responded to calls and are working to identify a number of those involved but we have also increased patrols to reassure the public. We are also meeting with local councillors to see what else can be done to nip this behaviour in the bud.”

She added: “Officers will continue to give talks in schools about the consequences of anti-social behaviour on the community and we would ask parents to work with police. Please be aware of where your children are going in the evening as we are seeing children who have never been in trouble before committing criminal offences.”