Dougie’s Tavern landlord flying the flag St George’s Day after his annoyance that so few people know the date

A South Tyneside pub is to fly the flag for England after its landlord became annoyed by so few people knowing when St George’s Day is.

Norman Scott owns Dougie’s Tavern on Blackett Street in Hebburn, which is renowned for pulling out all the stops on special occasions, such as Christmas and big football tournaments.

It became a hub for footy fans during Euro 2020, when the place was festooned by flags of all participating nations.

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The pub always marks St George’s Day, but was going to have a rest in 2022 after some very trying events in recent times, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Dougie's Tavern manager Norman Scott, centre, gets ready for St George's Day with Emma Scott and Bobby Park.

In November 2021 the bar’s two marquees, one of which cost £12,000, were destroyed by Storm Arwen. This spoiled plans for a Christmas grotto and also made Norman lose some of his appetite for flags and other celebrations.

However, he was goaded back into arranging festivities for England’s patron saint. He became annoyed by the number of people who didn’t know when it was.

Dougie’s Tavern is now doing its bit to change that.

Norman said: “I do it every year, but when I ask people when St George’s Day is, nobody knows. It’s amazing. They all know Paddy’s Day, March 17, but nobody knows April 23.

Dougie's Tavern manager Norman Scott gets ready for St George's Day.

“Last year when all our flags came down in the gales blew the tent down I thought ‘That’s me done. That’s given me a message. No more flags.’

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“Anyway, the time has come along and I’m doing it. It just winds me up when people don’t know when St George’s Day is. It’s on a Saturday this year too.

“It was driving me mad so I thought ‘Right, that’s it’. I’ve got the flags on the poles and a big sign outside saying ‘Celebrate St George’s Day – APRIL 23rd!’ People are beeping their horns when they go past.”

The pub will be open all day and there will be a free drink for anyone who turns up in fancy dress. There will also be free and traditionally English fare on offer – bangers and mash. Live music starts at around 8pm with 80s band The Breakfast Club.

Norman is also keen to remind everyone that April 23 is also Shakespeare’s birthday.

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