Facebook group to hold digital ComicCon where celebrities from Game of Thrones and Star Wars scheduled to appear

You could interact with celebrities from Star Wars, Games of Thrones and Doctor Who on Facebook as they are scheduled to make online appearances at this digital ComicCon in April.

Digital ComicCon to be held in April with all proceeds from tickets going to charity
Digital ComicCon to be held in April with all proceeds from tickets going to charity

As the Government issue new guidance on a daily basis about how to interact with people in light of the coronavirus, many find themselves in self-isolation or struggling for entertainment as local businesses close.

One industry that can see more than 100,000 visitors across the UK is ComicCon, with multiple events on in any given year. However, this year with most events cancelled, a Facebook group who go by the name Geek Asylum are holding their own Digital ComicCon alongside Monopoly Events and Savage Beast Events.

The online community of more than 31,000 members is hoping to see people from all over the world join their virtual event that will see celebrity guests from Star Wars, Games of Thrones, Doctor Who and the original IT.

Geek Asylum and organisers to hold digital ComicCon for worldwide audience in April

Organiser and Geek Asylum admin, Kerry King-Neale from South Shields said: “The event is a great way to help small traders as many businesses have closed down due to the coronavirus, a lot of people are worried about paying the rent and making a living.

“We wanted to create something that people wanted to join in with and in a time where we’re all encouraged to keep our distance, this way we can still have fun together.”

The Geek Asylum have built a massive online community, and they promote ‘healthy debate’, positivity, a mutual love of Sci-Fi, fantasy and gaming with a big part of the group being to respect the opinion of others.

Kerry continued: “Things like the coronavirus do affect the group, we can visit up to 20 ComicCons a year, it’s a great way to bring people together.

“Some of the people that come to these conventions have bad social anxiety, so for them to have a place they feel safe taken away from them just when they’ve started to feel comfortable is awful – we’re a massive family.”

Group organisers also want people to know that this is a great way to see what ComicCon is like if you’ve never been before. The event will start at 10am on Sunday, April 26 and will see staggered entertainment over 13 hours.

Tickets are £2 per person, and there are 50,000 tickets up for grabs with all proceeds going to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Kerry added: “Imagine if we sold out, that would be £1m going straight to charity.”