Food lovers wait for over an hour for Good Friday fish and chips at Colmans

It wouldn’t be Good Friday without the traditional fish and chips.

Hungry food lovers spent more than an hour waiting in line at Colmans in Ocean Road, South Shields.

A queue snaked its way out of the door and along the road while staff inside tried to keep up with demand.

Queues outside Colmans fiish and chip shop on Good Friday in South Shields

Jessica McGarthy, a dental receptionist at a South Shields dentist, was waiting patiently for her cod and chips, and had almost made it to the entrance.

The 28-year-old had came from Gateshead with her friend Rachael Cassidy, 25, a manager at Sage.

She said: “With just working round the corner I’ve heard a lot about the fish and chips here, but this is the first time we’ve ever had any.

“We’ve been waiting about 40 minutes now and we’re getting close to the front, hopefully it will be worth it.

Jessica McGarthy (left) and Rachael Cassidy queueing for fish & chips at Colmans Good Friday in South Shields

”We’re both after some cod and chips.”

Rebekah Elliott, 19, a student from Chichester, South Shields, was shunning the fish for a battered sausage.

She said: “The queue seems to be going down quite quick, I’ve stood outside for 35 minutes, but I suppose I haven’t factored on how big it is inside the shop.

“I’m not the biggest fish fan, I want a battered sausage, so I hope they still do them on a Good Friday, I’ll be devastated if not.”

Queues snaked down Ocean Road.