‘Her death just killed him’ – brother of manslaughter victim Melissa Liddle found dead

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The heartbroken family of Melissa Liddle, who was killed by her childhood sweetheart, have been rocked by a second tragedy.

Her brother, 21-year-old Liam Bush, has been found dead.

Anthony Ross

Anthony Ross

Just months since Tracey Keighley and her husband David said a final goodbye to her “beautiful” daughter, they say Liam died after being unable to cope with finding his sister’s body.

Melissa Liddle, 23, was killed in a brutal Mother’s Day attack by the father of her two children, Anthony Ross, at the home they shared in Oak Avenue, South Shields.

It was Liam who found her body after he and stepdad David broke down the door to gain entry after she failed to respond to calls.

She had been stabbed 41 times.

The whole family are devastated but we now know he is at peace and he is with Melissa

David Keighley

Mr Keighley said: “Liam was the one who found Melissa first and that image of his sister who had been stabbed 41 times – he just couldn’t get it out of his head.

“He stayed strong for months but he just couldn’t cope anymore. To us, that day when we found Melissa was the day Liam died.

“Since that day, we have had to watch him slowly die inside and there was nothing we could do – his heart had been broken.

“He was a young man with everything to live for, but what happened to his sister and having to live with what he saw just killed him.

Tracey Keighley and David Keighley

Tracey Keighley and David Keighley

“The whole family are devastated but we now know he is now at peace and he is with Melissa.”

The family say Liam was discovered by police after his mum contacted them for help when she had called to his home in South Tyneside, on Friday morning, and was unable to get an answer.

A Go Fund Me Page has been set up by family friend and neighbour Wendy Kassim in a bid to help the family as they now face having to say goodbye to a second child within months – it has already reached half of its £1,000 target.

Mr Keighley added: “We are really grateful for what Wendy is doing for us.”

Ms Kassim said: “You couldn’t meet a nicer and more loving family. It breaks my heart watching the devastation they are going through. This is not about them being a charity case, I am not begging for help. All I am asking is for people to find it in their hearts to help take the stress of Christmas away from the family at a time when they should be grieving.”

To make a donation, visit www.gofundme.com and search for ‘Mellissa and Liam’.