How a South Tyneside food bank founder's new project is helping people living on the streets

The co-founder of a South Tyneside food bank has launched a new outreach project helping the homeless.

Angie Comerford, who co-founded Hebburn Helps food bank on Campbell Park Road has set up a second project helping those going hungry in Newcastle city centre.

Angie set up the food bank and crisis response centre with friend Jo Durkin in 2015, supporting thousands of families in South Tyneside every year.

Guiding Light Outreach volunteers (L-R) Ian Clark, Angie Comerford, Dianne Hunter, Peter Atkinson and Kayleigh Morgan in Newcastle city centre.

At the end of last year Angie began travelling to Newcastle to give out food parcels to people on the streets and takes a group of volunteers through the Guiding Light Outreach project once a month.

As well as food volunteers have been handing out ‘blessings bags’ which have been donated to Hebburn Helps and include items such as hats, gloves, socks, toiletries, sanitary products and sweets.

And in the coming months they will be taking chocolate eggs donated to the food banks’ Easter appeal.

Angie Comerford from Hebburn Helps has launched a new project helping the homeless.

“This is just my little thing that I wanted to do for myself,” said Angie, who previously volunteered in a soup kitchen.

“It’s something I have always been passionate about. The fact that so many people want to jump on board is amazing.”

With access to only one vehicle Angie currently has to alternate who she can take out with her and spaces are already booked up for the next event on February 28, when volunteers will be handed out hot food and baked goods.

“It’s people who are always saying they would love to do something like this and I say ‘come on then - get your warm clothes on and let's go,” Angie added.

Volunteers hand out food parcels to the homeless in Newcastle city centre.

“So many people want to help, it gives everybody a chance to see for themselves. It opens people’s eyes to what’s really going on and raises a bit of awareness.”

For more information visit Guiding Light Outreach on Facebook.

Angie and volunteers will be giving out chocolate eggs as part of the Hebburn Helps Easter appeal.
Hot drinks and food parcels which were handed out to the homeless in Newcastle city centre.