'It's changed my life' - Retired nurse speaks of joy after shedding equivalent weight of three suitcases

A retired nurse has changed her life after shedding the equivalent weight of three suitcases.

Sunday, 12th January 2020, 10:10 pm
Sue Lee before and after her weight loss.

Sue Lee, from Washington Village, was barely able to lift her own luggage when going on holiday last summer – but just a short time ago she was carrying around the combined weight of the three suitcases.

At 17st 4.5lb and feeling unhappy with how she felt, the mum decided to take back control in July 2017 and joined Slimming World at Glebe Methodist Church.

Back then Sue was a 22-24 in clothes, but now she is half her size after shedding an impressive 7st 5lb.

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Sue Lee before and after her weight loss.

The 63-year-old is now a healthy size 10 to 12 and credits Slimming World for ‘changing her life.’

She said: “Working as a nurse meant I was so busy and didn’t have much time to eat properly.

“I would skip meals and just gran a handful of sweets or biscuits when I could.”

She continued: “Both my sisters had been to Slimming World and had got good results so I decided to give it a try.

Slimmer Sue Lee who lost 7st 5lb - the equivalent of three suitcases.

“I knew I was unhappy and wanted to lose weight, so I went along to one of the group meetings back in July 2017.

“I just loved going and never felt like I was missing out when it came to what I was eating.

“Losing the weight even helped with my arthritis in my knees.

“Slimming World has changed my life.

Slimmer Sue Lee lost the equivalent weight of her three suitcases.

“I now enjoy going out and going on holiday.”

But the biggest thing for Sue was the moment she realised that the three suitcase she was taking on a holiday with her husband and friend weighed the same as she did before she joined Slimming World.

Sue continued: “The biggest thing was when I went on holiday to Turkey in September 2019 and we had three suitcases between us – two weighing 15kg and one weighing 18kg.

“I couldn’t even lift one properly and it shocked me to think that I used to weigh their combined weight myself.

Slimmer Sue Lee who lost 7st 5lb.

“I can’t believe the difference it has made to my life.”

Diet before:

Breakfast: Nothing.

Lunch: Sweets and biscuits.

Dinner: Takeaway meals such as pizzas and curries.

Snacks: Sweets and biscuits.

Diet after:

Breakfast: Fruit and yogurt.

Lunch: Salad and soup.

Dinner: Homemade dishes such as chicken and fish with vegetables.

Snacks: Fruit and yogurt with meringues.