“It’s hard to find the words to describe how good these people are”: Councillor thanks Jarrow shopkeepers for going above and beyond to help communities during the pandemic

Brothers Nico and Taz Ali have been delivering free milk and bread to vulnerable people in the region since last March.

Sunday, 31st January 2021, 5:17 pm
Updated Sunday, 31st January 2021, 5:17 pm
Nico and Taz have donated thousands of essential items to local residents and hospital staff since the start of the pandemic

A South Tyneside councillor has said he is “honoured” Jarrow shopkeepers Nico and Taz Ali are part of the community as he thanked them for helping out the vulnerable across the region.

Brothers Nico and Taz, who run the Scotch Estate Premier Shop on Edinburgh Road, have been delivering free milk and bread to the elderly and making donations to food banks and hospitals since the start of the pandemic.

Cllr Keith Roberts said he wanted to thank them on behalf of the community for everything they have done.

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“They’ve been there since day one. They’ve never ever stopped helping the residents.

“It’s hard to find the words to describe how good these people are.

“They’ve actually gone above and beyond what anyone expected them to do.

“I don’t think people can thank them enough for what they’re doing.”

Taking stock of the events since last March, Cllr Keith Roberts said in a Facebook post:

“I think I speak on behalf of all residents when I sincerely thank Nico and Taz for their continued generosity and support to our community. They are true community champions, real ambassadors for South Tyneside!

“They are incredible people and I’m honoured we have them as part of our community.”

After seeing shoppers argue over loaves of bread at the wholesalers – before the strict social distancing measures were put in place on Monday, March 23 – Nico decided the business should use this uncertain time to give something back to the community.

Since then, he and his brother Taz have donated hundreds of loaves of bread and other essential items, as well as hampers and birthday cakes to residents living on the Scotch Estate and surrounding areas.

Nico said the community has become like a family to him and he won’t stop helping until the lockdown is over.

“I just appreciate it when they say thank you. That’s enough for me.

“The hospitals are doing their duty, the nurses are doing their duty. I’m doing my duty. If the lockdown goes on for another year, I will go on for another year.”