Love it or hate it? Readers have their say on Halloween and how it should be celebrated

Are you reaching for the pumpkin-shaped fairy lights or shutting the curtains until November 1?

Friday, 27th September 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 27th September 2019, 10:48 am
How do you celebrate Halloween?

We are just days away from the beginning of October and already the high street has gone Halloween mad.

The shops are filled with scary sweets and creepy costumes – but do you think the celebration is over-commercialised?

Opinion was split down the middle in our Facebook poll, with some in support of all things spooky. Others would rather we skip straight ahead to Christmas.

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You had your say on the spooky celebrations in our Facebook poll.

Here’s how you reacted:

Paula Pressley: “Hate it, would rather we celebrated Thanksgiving.”

Mira Tömbii Tate: “I think the theme of Halloween is cool. Not over-commercialized per se, but, overrated, yes. Halloween is just one big meme.”

Rosalind Box: “It's nowhere near as bad as Christmas, which is forced upon the whole population whether we want it or not.”

Astrid Newby: “I wouldn't say over commercialised. Not yet. But it's certainly not fun either.”

Chris Hall: “Hate Halloween. Stupid concept, think about it. Let's go randomly ask some people for sweets and money for absolutely no reason whatsoever.”

Val Brown: “It can be fun with children but otherwise a drag.”

Chelsie Jade Boyack: “Not nearly commercial enough! I want to buy all the spooky things all year round, forever.”

Tom Martin: “For me personally, it's the time of year when pumpkins finally become widely available, so I can buy them to cook with.”

Emma Winters: “Like everything, it's what you make it, my family enjoy dressing up and having some fun with a little party for the children.”