Meet the North East country music artist who has recorded his debut single in Nashville

A North East country music artist’s dream has come true after seeing his debut single recorded in Nashville.

Country music artist Tommy Atkins.
Photo by Rachael Fraser Photography.
Country music artist Tommy Atkins. Photo by Rachael Fraser Photography.

Tommy Atkins, has opened up about the incredible experience of making his debut single, ‘Wild in the Wind,’ which soared straight to the top of the iTunes country music charts around the world on its release.

The talented 28-year-old has close ties to South Shields, with family and friends living in the Bents Park and Harton areas, and is now based in Gateshead.

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Tommy recorded the vocals for the song at Loft Music Studios in Newcastle and the track itself was recorded in Nashville by producer Dr Ford.

It features legendary steel guitar and dobro player, Smith Curry who has played for the likes of Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift, as well as guitarist Chris Condon, who has played with Billy Ray Cyrus and Tommy’s co-writer, Anna Pearson.

The song was mastered by GRAMMY-nominated engineer, Pete Lyman.

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Tommy said: “I couldn’t have asked for a better set of musicians to lend their talents to this song.

“Dr Ford let me have a say in so much of the production and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve created.”

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Country music star Tommy Atkins. Photo by Rachael Fraser Photography.

Describing the track the singer-songwriter said: “It’s emotional, but celebratory.

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“It mourns the loss of a friend but focuses on being grateful for that person ever being in your life.

“I hope this song can provide comfort and make you smile, even if there is a tear in your eye.”

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Tommy is currently working on the rest of his debut album, due to be released in 2020, and promises you’ll be able to hear his North East roots in the songs.

He said: “I’m working class through and through and I think you can hear that in these songs.

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“Where I’m from, we work hard, we like a good drink and our loved ones mean the world to us.

“Those values are the cornerstones of country music, so when I write true-to-life songs, they translate.”

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Wild in The Wind is out now on all major download and streaming platforms.

Tommy will be performing at The Cluny 2 in Newcastle on Saturday, October 12.