'Not true football fans': Sunderland supporters slam shocking video of men singing about Gary Speed's death

Sunderland AFC followers have united with other fans to condemn the actions of fans who were videoed singing a song about the late player and manager Gary Speed.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 16:59 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th September 2019, 13:02 pm
Sunderland AFC has said it is carrying out an investigation after the video surfaced online showing fans singing a chant about the death of Gary Speed. Photo by PA.

The clip was posted online over the weekend, showing a group of men singing a vile chant about the former Newcastle United player and Wales manager, who died in November 2011.

The club later issued a statement saying it had launched an investigation into the incident and that police had been informed.

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Other fans have been quick to join in the condemnation of those who appear in the video, saying they were “embarrassed and ashamed of them.”

Among them was Derek Brown, who said: “It's one thing having banter between both sets of supporters, but this behaviour is disgraceful, we are all human and we should all show respect to fellow humans when something like this happens.

“RIP Gary.”

Andrea Unwin said: "They need a ban for life.

“I am a NUFC supporter and love my club, but I love to see SAFC do well.”

Tracey Drinkald Cooper said: “I wouldn’t call them fans, so disrespectful and I would take their season ticket off them if they can be identified.”

Raymond Polley said: “You will get the minority, these people are not proper fans.

“Yes, I would seek them out and ban them forever.”

Ernie Malt said: “Not what fans should be about.

“They will never be part of any genuine supporters and should never be allowed to be classed as fans and disgrace real fans.

“Ban them.”

John Wild said: “There’s no place for this in football and I hope all those singing get banned for life, because my son and myself are both season ticket holders and we don’t want to share a stadium with people like this.”

David Scott said: “Not football fans at all in my opinion, just pure scum.

“Good to see Stewart Donald on the case, hopefully gets the bottom of it and gets them banned.”