Police officers dance along with teenagers at South Shields seafront in viral video

Police officers in South Tyneside proved they have a great sense of humour when they joined in with dancing youngsters.

In a hilarious video Northumbria Police officers can be seen interacting with a group of teenagers socialising outside The Sand Dancer pub in South Shields.

Police dance with youngsters in the car park of South Shields seafront pub The Sand Dancer.

Police dance with youngsters in the car park of South Shields seafront pub The Sand Dancer.

The video - which has now gone viral - shows two officers dancing to music which is blaring from parked cars with the group, before taking videos and selfies with the party.

Sand Dancer pub manager Ed Hilton, 38, took the video and says he is delighted with the positive response it has received after he shared it on the pub’s official Facebook page.

He said: “During the Easter Bank Holiday weekend I happened to look outside and I saw a group of girls and boys playing music from their cars.

“They had pulled up in their vehicles in the car park and were just talking to each other between the two cars.

The Sand Dancer in South Shields

The Sand Dancer in South Shields

“A male and female officer come along to the pub as part of a licencing check and, hen they were leaving the pub, went over to the group to say hello.

“They ended up dancing with the group and taking photos.

“It was great to see.”

He added: “I have been at the pub around a year now and its the first time I have seen anything like it in this area.

Superintendent Sarah Pitt

Superintendent Sarah Pitt

“When I worked in Cambridge the police had a great relationship with the students.

“I put the video on Facebook saying the police had joined in the party and have had loads of response to it from people all over the country.”

So far the video has had nearly 40,000 views been shared nearly 200 times.

Northumbria Police superintendent Sarah Pitt said: “It’s great to see two of our local neighbourhood officers getting involved and joining in the fun.

“Community engagement is a key part of their role and we pleased to see how well this has been received by the public.”