The secret to long lasting love as Hebburn sweethearts celebrate 70 years together

A couple of South Tyneside sweethearts have let people in on the secret to a happy marriage as they celebrate 70 years together.

Les and Lucy Bone will raise a glass to their platinum anniversary on Tuesday, February 11.

Les, 91 and Lucy, who will turn 90 next week, met at a dance at St Andrew’s Church, Hebburn in 1948.

Les, who was wearing his Naval uniform was “so handsome” says Lucy, all the girls were tapping him on the shoulder asking him to dance.

Lucy and Les Bone celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.


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The couple were married two years later on February 11, 1950, living with Les’ mum until they could find a place of their own.

A sailor with the Merchant and Royal Navy, Les was away at sea at the beginning of their married life but returned home when their first child was born in 1952.

They would go on to have five children – two boys and three girls - nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren with another one on the way.

“They are great together they have had their ups and downs but they have overcome it all,” said their eldest daughter Margaret Whale, 67.


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Lucy and Les Bone on their wedding day in 1950.

“It’s a real achievement, not many people reach this milestone, they are an inspiration to us all to see them get this far in life.”

She continued: “They have always been there for us and now they are there for their grandchildren and great grandchildren and they love the bones of them.”

In 1967 the couple moved to Luke’s Lane in Hebburn where they still live 53 years later and after leaving the Navy Les joined Pyrotenax as a maintenance foreman until his retirement.


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Lucy, who feels “no different to the day we got married”, says the last 70 years have been easy, but the secret?

Lucy and Les Bone will celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary on Tuesday, February 11.

“Don’t hold grudges,” she said.

The couple will celebrate the milestone with family and friends at Jordan’s Bar in Hebburn on Saturday, February 15, where they have marked the many special occasions over the years.


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“They have had a very happy life together,” Margaret added.

“She’s his sweetheart and they have stuck together through thick and thin.”