Skinny dippers bare all as they run into the sea naked in support of charity

People taking part in this year's North East Skinny Dip. Picture by Roz Collier.
People taking part in this year's North East Skinny Dip. Picture by Roz Collier.

Hundreds of people bared all as they took part in the North East Skinny Dip.

The annual event, organised by Jax Higginson, from Whitburn, saw more than 400 people strip to their birthday suits and run into the sea to raise funds for charity.

North East Skinny Dip organiser Jax Higginson.

North East Skinny Dip organiser Jax Higginson.

Jax, 38, said: “The North East Skinny Dip was created as a way to celebrate life and to celebrate the seasons, and our bodies, and each other.

“It’s all to raise money for the mental health charity MIND, which is one that’s very close to my heart, but I didn’t realise how important it actually was to me until I went through the process of choosing it.

“It was quite enlightening for me, and I realised that I was struggling with my own mental health issues, and this event helps the charity.”

The event, now in its fifth year, took place on Sunday, September 25 at Druridge Bay, in Northumberland.

It raised around £5,000 for MIND through registrations alone, and with sponsorships still to come in, Jax believes the total could double.

Jax, a hula hoop instructor, said: “People can get a bit nervous about taking part in the dip, and some people even sign up not knowing if they’re going to be able to find the courage to do it on the day.

“I’ve experienced that feeling before and when you’re stood on the beach waiting to go in you can feel the nerves and the tension around you.

“But once that adrenaline starts building, along with the excitement, everyone just does it.

“You find that once you’re there it’s not as scary as you thought, and actually, you feel daft wearing clothes when you’re surrounded by 400 naked people.

“People see it as a challenge and a good opportunity and I really try to emphasise all throughout the year that it’s about celebrating our bodies, and every body is welcome.”

She added: “If people are thinking about taking part next year but aren’t sure if they can do it, I’d just ell them to sign up, start raising money and come along on the day and experience that excitement for yourself.

“Whether you throw your clothes off and run in or you feel like you can’t do it, then that’s fine either way.”

To find out more about the North East Skinny Dip, go to or follow the Twitter account @northeastskinny.