'They like the press when it's good' and 'They don't ask to be born Royal' - What readers said about the Royals and privacy

Prince Harry has taken legal action against the owners of the Sun, the defunct News of the World and Daily Mirror after alleged phone-hacking.

Harry and Meghan, here with their son Archie, have taken legal action against national tabloids
Harry and Meghan, here with their son Archie, have taken legal action against national tabloids

Buckingham Palace confirmed that documents have been filed on his behalf over the alleged illegal interception of voicemail messages. His wife Meghan has begun legal action against the Mail on Sunday, which is accused of unlawfully publishing a private letter to her father.

In light of this move we asked readers on our Facebook page: “Are the Royal Family entitled to more privacy?” Of 718 people who voted 65% said yes, 35% said no.

Rachel Elizabeth Marshall was in the majority, saying: “They don’t ask to be born into that family so they deserve a level of privacy.

“Their jobs are to perform public appearances and such so they can’t be completely out of the spotlight but they should be allowed to live privately when off duty.”


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Amy L Barker agreed, saying: “Forget that they are royals, they also normal human beings who are more than entitled to privacy. The things I've read about the couple are pathetic.”

Diane Colling said simply: “Their personal lives should be private, I think the gutter press are disgusting.”

Billy Potts backed Harry, saying: “There should be scrutiny but not digging into private matters that have no bearing on their public duties. As long as they’re not spending public money on taking legal action, they should go for it.”

Dan Ward wants the royals have more privacy too, but for very different reasons.


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He said: “I'd be very happy for the media to give them all the privacy they need, and that includes ignoring their weddings and anything they want to spout about politics or the planet.”

Others were not sympathetic either.

Gary Duncan’s thoughts were: “They should be entitled to no more than anyone else in society. That goes for wealth and power too. They are NOT better than the rest of us.”

Eileen Joyce said: “It was her father who sold the very private letter to the newspaper so maybe they should start with him. They like the press when it’s all good about them and change their minds if it’s not to their liking.”