Videos showing 'sickening' attacks on teenagers posted online - police and schools urged to investigate

A South Tyneside-based anti-bullying group has called on police and schools to take urgent action after videos were posted on social media showing young teenagers being brutally attacked while others watch and film it.

By Gary Welford
Sunday, 12th May 2019, 11:19 am
South Tyneside Against Bullying was set up by Callum Carr in 2013.
South Tyneside Against Bullying was set up by Callum Carr in 2013.

The videos - posted on Instagram by various individual accounts, but in particular by a blank account set up under the name of 'north_east_school_scraps' with over 160 followers - has publicly shared videos with young people wearing South Tyneside school uniforms.

South Tyneside Against Bullying (STAB) , which was founded in 2013 by Callum Carr, has taken action to bring these accounts to a close and asked for the attacks to be investigated.

The organisation has formally logged a complaint with Northumbria Police and written to Vera Baird, the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, with evidence of the accounts and attacks being shared.

In addition, STAB has also written to notify local schools who it thinks it can visually identify in the videos and ask them to investigate the matter further.

A spokesperson for STAB said "We are utterly disgusted at the content we have seen online in relation to teen attacks from young people in local schools across South Tyneside.

"The videos published are sickening to watch and cause extreme distress to the viewing audiences.

"As a local organisation committed to protecting children and young people across the area we feel a responsibility to take drastic action on this and pass all evidence to Northumbria Police, the local schools identifiable and also to the social media platform."

The organisation is urging young people to consider the impact of a brutal and violent attack and the consequences it brings.

The STAB spokesperson added: "In addition to urging young people to consider their actions, we are asking parents to help educate their children on the devastating impacts of a one-punch attack."