Young brothers raid piggy banks for Hebburn Helps after charity hit by theft

Two young brothers have put a smile back on the faces of food bank founders after they donated their pocket money following theft.

Monday, 5th August 2019, 4:45 pm
Brothers Matty (8) (left) and Bobby (6) Ramshaw with their £5 donation to "Hebburn Helps" . Picture by Frank Reid

Brothers, Matty, eight, and Bobby Ramshaw, six, of Lambton Terrace, Jarrow, were so horrified to learn that money had been stolen from Hebburn Helps Food Bank and Crisis Response Centre, that they desperately wanted to do something to help.

The community rallied round after at the centre on Campbell Park Road, Hebburn was reported to the police on Wednesday, July 31.

After hearing their mum talking about the incident, Matty and Bobby, who attend Jarrow Cross primary school, immediately raided their piggy banks and gave a £5 donation out of their own pocket money.

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Brothers Matty (8) (left) and Bobby (6) Ramshaw with their £5 donation to "Hebburn Helps" . Picture by Frank Reid

“It’s so heartwarming, I was really proud of them,” said their mum, Julie Craik, 42. “It was just really nice of the younger generation to think that way.”

She explained: “I often talk about Hebburn Helps and we donate a lot. I’d been talking to their older brother about what had happened and they went upstairs got into their money boxes and said ‘we think it’s terrible, and we want to donate this to them’.”

Hebburn Helps founders Jo Durkin and Angie Comerford were overwhelmed by the boys’ gesture.

“It made their day after such an awful thing happened,” added Julie. “They gave them a bag of sweets and took their picture which made the boys feel great.”

Jo Durkin said: “After everything that happened they were like a little whirlwind, they came running in and brightened up my day. It made me realise that for every bad apple out there, there are a million more good ones.”

In wake of the theft the community has come together and so far donated more than £200 to the voluntary organisation.

Jo added: “We just want to thank all of the community for their continued support.

“This is why we called it Hebburn Helps because we knew the people of Hebburn would help.”

Police investigations are still ongoing.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: “We received a report of theft of money from Hebburn Helps, on Campbell Park Road. Inquiries are ongoing."