Pharmacist brings back Post Office to The Nook in South Shields

Pritam Singh, owner of Gold's Pharmacy, has opened a new post office at The Nook.
Pritam Singh, owner of Gold's Pharmacy, has opened a new post office at The Nook.

A pharmacist has turned postmaster to bring back the post office to a popular South Tyneside shopping area,

Pritam Singh underwent a rigorous selection process and training to enable him to deliver the services people were keen to see returned.

Since we have opened we have had nothing but positive feedback

Pritam Singh

The original post office closed its doors at The Nook, in South Shields, a couple of years ago forcing residents to go elsewhere.

After hearing of the struggles from customers following the loss of the post office, Mr Singh, who owns Gold’s Pharmacy, applied to become a postmaster.

He said: “I have had my pharmacy for a number of years now and when the post office closed a couple of years ago, customers would say how much of an inconvenience it was and how they had to travel elsewhere for services.

“When the opportunity came up to open up a post office, I applied for the contract and after a lot of training to become a postmaster, I was accepted.”

The post office is based next door to the pharmacy, with the venue undergoing a complete revamp ahead of the doors opening on December 17.

Mr Singh added: “Since we have opened there has been nothing but positive feedback from people.

“We have taken on experienced staff who are fully competent in all the services we deliver so there have been no teething problems.

“I just want the post office to deliver the best services it can to our customers.”

The post office offers a range of services for customers.

As well as the standard parcels services, it also offers the passport check and send service, car tax and foreign currency exchange and for businesses a drop and go service.

Mr Singh said: “The original idea for opening the post office was in 2014 so it has taken quite a long time to get through the processes.

“We did put a notice up in the window to let people know of our plans and all people wanted to know was when we were going to open.

“Everyone has really taken to it and it is a real benefit to the community and local businesses have also benefited from the opening of the new post office as it has increased footfall in this part of The Nook. It also makes it easier for them as they are able to do their banking.”

The post office will be open between the hours of 9am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday.