Plans for bike track in South Shields steps up a gear

Dean Hart wants to open a motocross practice track in South Tyneside
Dean Hart wants to open a motocross practice track in South Tyneside

A motocross rider says he is filled with optimism after learning council and police chiefs are keen to hear his plans for creating a purpose-built bike track in South Tyneside.

Dean Hart hopes his idea of building an off-road track to deter illegal road riding could one day become a reality.

Temple Memorial Park, South Shields.

Temple Memorial Park, South Shields.

The dad who lives in Whiteleas believes having somewhere to go could deter some youngsters from taking to the streets and making lives a misery for residents.

Mr Hart’s idea includes creating a track where people can ride which will be monitored with the introduction of a cafe where they can sit and chat and find out more about bike safety and bike maintenance.

Safety clothing could also be provided - with visiting professional riders visiting and passing on advice.

He said: “Since I’ve mentioned what I would like to do I’ve had loads of people messaging me offering help.

“I’ve read the comments on Facebook regarding the article. You’ve got some people saying it’s a good idea and others saying it isn’t.

“I originally said Temple Park as a location, but there are other areas in South Tyneside that could be turned into a bike track.”

Mr Hart added: “It’s brilliant the council and the police are willing to meet with me. I never expected to get anything back from this, but it is promising as I didn’t think they would even entertain the idea.

“Some of the bikes the kids are riding around are not even safe and as well as putting their own lives at risk, they are risking other people’s lives.

“Something needs to be done before it’s too late.”

At present there is nowhere in South Tyneside where it is legal to ride a motor bike off-road. They can only be ridden on private land and only with the landowners permission.

The issue involving off-road bikes and mini motos has been a nuisance which has been plaguing families for years.

The problem has also led to police looking into using drones in a bid to try and catch those responsible.

His idea came after reading comments on a story in the Gazette over illegal bikers causing a nuisance and danger to residents by riding round the streets - sometimes without wearing any protective gear.

But while he knows a track wouldn’t eradicate the problem completely, it could go some way in helping to take some of them off the streets.