'Pointless - few people do the speed limit' - readers react to 20mph zones in their neighbourhoods

As research found that the introduction of 20mph zones in one city saved lives, we asked you what you thought of them where you live.

Thursday, 15th February 2018, 10:46 am
Updated Thursday, 15th February 2018, 1:45 pm
You have been sharing your views on 20mph zones.

A study was carried out by the University of West England, and found that average speeds on roads where 20mph was introduced in Bristol have fallen by 2.7mph since 2014. Both slight and serious injuries were prevented, and more than four lives were saved.

You voted in our online poll, with 58% of you saying that you would like to see more 20mph zones introduced in your community. Here's what you had to say on social media in response.

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Chris Higgins: "I'd much prefer to see effective speed-bumps outside of schools instead of the 20mph limits, as I find it tends to take your eyes off the road and on to the speedometer instead."

Tony Hall: "They're a pure waste of cash how much money has been spent on these signs and most of them are on roads that hardly have any traffic."

Anth Topping: "Bus routes should be 30, outside of schools 20 between 9-5 and side streets 20, the amount of cars coming down our street at 40+ is too much."

Mary Bob Common: "All estates should be 20mph and police should book these people who don’t use indicators it’s getting worse you have to guess where the car in front is going next."

Steve Watson: "20mph around a school, fair enough. No 20mph all over council estates, it would be painfully slow. No speed humps please, they damage your car too much."

Carra Lilley: "Pointless, few people do the speed limit."

Colin Coulson: "Good in some places. Well that goes for all speed limits. So bad in others."

Martin Allison: "Hitting someone at 20mph means there's a chance they will die. At 30 it's almost certain death."

Kevin Winkler: "It's stupid man, no need for them on main roads."

Sean Haswell: "Is there really any point? I don’t know many people who stick to the 20mph limit."

Alex Storey: "It ends up you doing 20mph and a line of frustrated motorist behind you each taking turns to race past you exceeding the speed limit."

Mickey Newly: "Live in a 20 zone but motorists still speed. They need to be installed along with speed cameras to catch the offenders. Speed fines should then make these signs self-financing otherwise a waste of time, money and effort."

Nigel Banks: "There can be no need to travel at 30mph in a street with the amount of cars parked on streets nowadays.

"Some streets were built for horse and cart many moons ago and not for the traffic they receive these days.

"20mph is more than ample for streets and school roads. 30mph for main roads only."

Debbie Hodgson: "Most don't take notice of the speed limit anyway, it's common sense to go slower in a built up area with cars parked on both sides and children out playing, but not everyone thinks the same unfortunately."

Dave Ryan: "Yes by all means drop the limit outside schools but anywhere else is a joke. 20mph is far too slow."