Police action for trouble-hit park

Superintendent Sarah Pitt
Superintendent Sarah Pitt

Police have pledged to crack down on underage drinkers and anti-social youngsters who are plaguing a South Tyneside park.

Senior police officers say Cleadon Park in South Shields is already on their radar - with regular patrols carried out in and around the park.

Supt Sarah Pitt

Supt Sarah Pitt

Concerns of underage drinkers were raised by a local grandmother who says her grandson was found tied up with rope in his mouth in the park.

Police say they understand this particular incident had been a prank between a group of friends and say they “are not complacent” in efforts to tackle the issue.

Superintendent Sarah Pitt said: “It is our understanding the incident was a prank between a group of friends, we have spoken to the boy who has not made any allegations of assault.

“It has not been reported to Northumbria Police as a crime.”

We are aware there is still work to be done and we are not complacent in our efforts to tackle the issue.

Sarah Pitt

Supt Pitt added: “We have carried out a lot of work to tackle anti-social behaviour in Cleadon Park and have been prioritising our efforts on various initiatives.

“The area has received a lot of police attention, with regular patrols in and around the park by police and Community Wardens and a lot of work on-going with our partner agencies.

“Last weekend Harton Neighbourhood Policing Team organised a community litter pick aimed at encouraging the local community to take responsibility and pride in their local area. The event was hugely successful and attended by local residents and community groups.

“We are aware there is still work to be done and we are not complacent in our efforts to tackle the issue and will continue to carry out work to improve the situation.

“The local community plays a huge role in our efforts to resolve anti-social behaviour, there are plenty of activities for young people to get involved in and we would ask parents encourage their children to get involved in these and make sure they know where they are going when they go out.