'Dog activity park' plans for farmland in East Boldon - but not without objections

A green belt site could be transformed into a ‘dog activity park’ under new plans.

Picture c/o Pixabay
Picture c/o Pixabay

Next week, councillors will discuss proposals for a site near East Boldon from applicant Odin Valley Ltd.

If approved, the space would be transformed into an area for customers to walk, train or play with their dogs.

According to a planning report, the field off Green Lane would be divided into two halves by fencing with a range of agility equipment on offer.

It goes on to say the site would be available via online booking, with staff on site/ on call during working hours and a maximum of eight dogs per session.

A separate space for up to six cars is also planned under the development.

During consultation, the plans attracted some opposition from neighbours over potential impacts on wildlife, site security and “noise nuisance”.

Other concerns included the application setting a precedent for developments on the green belt and potential spikes in antisocial behaviour.

Despite concerns and the loss of agricultural land, planning officers have recommended the plans for approval.


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According to committee papers, the plans represent an “outdoor recreational use of the site” and would not clash with green belt policies.

Planning officers added that the development could “easily be removed if it were no longer required” with the land restored to agricultural use.

The site is accessed from Sunderland Road (A184) via private track Green Lane which also forms part of a public footpath.

Proposed opening hours include 8am-8pm with use only taking place during daylight hours.


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Customers would also be provided with a code to access the site, which is expected to be called the Odin Valley Dog Park.

A statement from the applicant adds the plans would be “sympathetic to the landscape and environment”, with no permanent structures proposed.

It reads: “Currently there are no secure dog exercise sites in the local area whereby dog owners can safely and responsibly allow their dog(s) off lead exercise.

“This proposal provides that safe area.”


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The plans were called to the Planning Committee for decision by Hebburn South councillor Wilf Flynn.

Councillors will discuss the plans at 10.30am on August 27.