Meet the Hebburn South candidates standing in the South Tyneside Council elections 2019

Local elections take place on Thursday May 2. Here the candidates in the Hebburn South ward make a pitch for your votes.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 11:50 am
Updated Saturday, 20th April 2019, 2:59 pm
(L-R) Wilf Flynn (Labour) and Matthew Giles (Green Party)

Wilf Flynn (Labour Party)

I ask to be elected Hebburn South ward Labour Party councillor for a second time.

I will continue to work to bring the emergency service unit to Hebburn, encompassing fire & rescue, police, ambulance and other medical services under one roof, expected in 2/3years.I welcome the new Toner Avenue school and discussions for a second new school.

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I continue to campaign for much-needed doctors surgeries, dentists, better road links to accommodate the new housing and a future second Metro Station for Hebburn.

Through the pages of the Gazette, I ask the electorate of the Hebburn South ward for your vote.

Matthew Giles (Green Party)

In my experience dealing with this council, I have never once witnessed any of them making decisions in the interest of the local community.

They are constantly at odds with the people on every issue, they don’t work for us.

South Tyneside has suffered for (sic) decades under one party rule under the thumb of the leader and is never questioned or scrutinised.

Just one Green councillor would make a huge difference, we’ll provide constructive solutions, we listen to our constituents’ problems and act on them.

We’ll stand up for you, South Tyneside deserves better than this.

Margaret Theresa Snowling (Conservative Party)

(No picture supplied)

My name is Margaret Theresa Snowling. I’m delighted to be standing as the Conservative Party candidate for Hebburn South.

South Tyneside Council needs a strong and effective opposition that can provide scrutiny to Labour’s grip of our council.

My priority will be ensuring our town centre is more business friendly.

I would start by working hard to increase the amount of free parking in our town centre.

If elected, I would be a strong voice for the ward and work hard for the residents.

As an opposition councillor, I would also work hard to make sure council money is well spent.

Stephen Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats)No picture or statement provided.

By Chris Binding , Local Democracy Reporting Service