Plans approved for new nursery as Hebburn continues to grow

A new nursery is set to land in Hebburn after winning approval from council planners.

Earlier this year, applicant Noah’s Ark Ltd lodged a bid to change the use of Victoria Road Hall in the Hebburn area.

The converted church hall, at 9A Victoria Road West, has most recently operated as a ‘role play centre’ for children and their parents and carers.

Under new plans, the site will become a registered nursery offering a mixture of learning and play and a wrap around service once children move to infant and junior schools.

Victoria Road Hall, Hebburn


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Applicants have said the nursery will serve new housing developments in Hebburn with an experienced team offering the best care in areas such as special educational needs and disabilities.

A number of housing developments have been springing up around town in recent years, with more housing approved for the former swimming pool and an ambition for another estate on the former Hawthorn Leslie shipyard.

The nursery is also expected to create four full-time jobs.

During consultation, five letters of support were submitted to council bosses noting the need for nursery places in the area.


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Four letters of objection were also lodged raising concerns about parking issues and the potential impact on other nurseries.

Despite this, South Tyneside Council’s Planning Authority approved the plans on Thursday, February 27.

A decision report notes the nursery would not cause highway safety issues or a “significant adverse impact” on parking.

The report states: “Given the accessible location of the application site and the available car parking within Hebburn Town Centre and surrounding streets, it is considered that, despite the lack of on-site car parking, the new use would not cause congestion on the highway to the detriment of highway safety, or result in a significant adverse impact upon existing traffic and parking conditions in the area.”


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If parking pressures increase, the report goes on to say, the council could consider traffic orders outside the nursery site.

This would aim to “prevent any obstruction of the busy A185 / Hall Road junction.”

Under planning conditions, work must start on the site within the next three years.

Approved opening hours include 7.30am-6.30pm, Monday to Friday.