South Tyneside Council election results 2019 in full

The results in full for each ward.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 3:28 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 4:21 am

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Labour loses five seats in South Tyneside as The Green Party wins historic victo...

Beacon and Bents

David Roger Francis (Green) 1,867

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Ali Hayder (Con) 121

Audrey McMillan (Lab) 795


Keith Roberts (Ind) 1,170

Fay Cunningham (Lab) 629

Mary Elizabeth Golightly (Con) 94

Biddick and All Saints

Joe Amar (Lab) 721

Rhiannon Sian Curtis (Green) 271

Stewart Thomas Hay (Con) 83

Neil Hickman (UKIP) 484

Boldon Colliery

Sandra Duncan (Lab) 937

Ian Armstrong (Con) 309

Bevan Vaughan John de Villiers (Lib Dem) 122

Ian Jason Diamond (Ind) 601

Colin Robert Tosh (Green) 238

Cleadon Park

Susan Malcolm Traynor (Lab) 714

Stephen Jeffrey Peel (Green) 499

Sam Prior (Conservative) 412

Cleadon and East Boldon (two councillors elected)

Joan Atkinson (Lab) 1,507

Jane Carter (Lab) 1,076

Colin Campbell (Ind) 284

Ian Forster (Ind) 359

Dave Henderson (Ind) 152

David Herbert (Green) 354

Sarah McKeown (Green) 363

Fiona Milburn (Ind) 386

Christopher John Smith (Con) 594

Doriza Wetz (Lib Dem) 117

Donald Wood (Con) 839

Fellgate and Hedworth

John Andrew Robertson (Ind) 1,163

Audrey Elizabeth Huntley (Lab) 959

Joseph Stephen Todd (Con) 108

David Wilkinson (Lib Dem) 199


Rob Dix (Labour) 1,014

Oliver Raymond Raife Wallhead (UKIP) 719

Holly May Wright (Conservative) 462

Hebburn North

Adam Ellison (Lab) 1,079

Sid Andrade (Lib Dem) 84

Michael Richard Ayre (Ind) 173

John Robert Barker (UKIP) 310

Brian Goodman (Ind) 180

Steven James Richards (Green) 148

Keith Campbell Sumby (Conservative) 120

Hebburn South

Wilf Flynn (Lab) 1,080

Matthew Giles (Green) 553

Margaret Theresa Snowling (Conservative) 269

Stephen Wilkinson (Lib Dem) 195

Horsley Hill

Iain Malcolm (Lab) 1,077

Mark Ashley Auton (Conservative) 318

Colin Peter Lemon (Ind) 251

David James Stephen Scholey (UKIP) 516

Sue Stonehouse (Green) 445


Alan Kerr (Lab) 862

Vanessa Green(Con) 160

Matthew George McKenna (Green) 236

Aidan Smith (Lib Dem) 150

Marian Elizabeth Stead (Ind) 643


Paul James Milburn (Ind) 759

Walter Featherston Armstrong (Con) 129

Paul Dean (Lab) 667

Lesley Kay Hanson (Green) 158

Lynn Smith (Lib Dem) 132

Simonside and Rekendyke

Judith Helen Taylor (Labour) 947

Peter James Bristow (Green) 510

Cameron James White (Conservative) 272


Glenn Michael Thompson (Ind) 712

Elizabeth Johnson Grey (Lib Dem) 115

Paul David Linney (UKIP) 307

Katharine Emma Maxwell (Lab) 635

Nicola Pauline Usher (Green) 222

Jack Oliver White (Con) 237

West Park

Anne Mellanby Hetherington (Lab) 673

Thomas Alexander Mower (Green) 630

Margaret Mary Robson (Con) 358

Whitburn and Marsden

Joyce Welsh (Labour and Co-operative) 765

Charles Frederick McKenzie-Smith (UKIP) 495

Trevor Reid Sewell (Green) 413

Adam Lou Stewart (Con) 348


Ernest Matthew Gibson (Lab) 970

Malcolm Giles (Green) 592

Craig Slater (Con) 202