Do you think David Miliband could lead Labour? 11 things readers had to say

David Miliband. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)
David Miliband. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

It’s been days since the result of the EU Referendum vote - and the Labour party is certainly feeling the fall-out.

Over the last two days, leader Jeremy Corbyn has faced a major revolt from more than a dozen of his frontbench MPs, after Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn was sacked.

And now talk has turned to who could lead Labour into the future.

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Lord Sugar, who was a member of the Labour party until last year, yesterday tweeted: “Bring back David Miliband.”

Mr Miliband was the MP in South Shields for more than 10 years - but do you think he could rescue the party from its dire straits?

Here are some of your best comments from Facebook.

Tony Evans: “Possibly, voted Labour all my life, voted out in the referendum, think Labour has lost touch with it’s hard core support, which panned out in the EU vote.

“It’s possible that a third party which listens to what the electorate want could challenge the big two and give them a bloody nose in the next election if they don’t take heed ... watch this space.”

Tracy Halliday: “What Labour need is a credible leader who has actually got their hands dirty at work at some point in time.

“One who doesn’t live in a two million pound house with holiday homes abroad. Maybe then ordinary folk can relate to them and more to the point they can relate to us.”

Finn Robson: “No, Jeremy is the type of leader Labour and this country should have, he’s brought back the left wing in Labour.”

Tom Cuthbertson: “Yep . The wrong brother got in last time and had David got in then the Labour Party would of been in power and not the mess they are in now.”

Steven Cummings: “Labour is finished now.”

Allan Crago: “He is certainly better than what we have got, but I would prefer others before him.”

Jeanette Gales Ward: “He’s the man for the job, haway lad get on board with us.”

Lesley Thompson: “I believe he is the best man for the job, it should have been his in the first place!”

Terence Perry: “Amazing, intelligent, understanding, strong leader.”

Lynne Currie: “Somebody needs to do something because however nice and dignified Jeremy Corbyn is I can’t see him delivering a Labour Government.

“But I don’t see it as Miliband, he’s too much associated with the toxic era of Blair.”

Helen Duffy: “Wrong Milliband got the leaders job resulting in the wrong David getting the PM’s job, bright intelligent man.”