East Coast has been thrown to the vultures

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Last week the Tories privatised East Coast Trains which run between London and Scotland.

This means that in future the service will be run not for the benefit of customers but in the interest of fat-cat controllers.

Since it was first privatised by the Tories in 1994 the line has gone bust twice over the past decade, which made the Labour Government nationalise it in 2009 for the public good.

Such a success has it been in public hands that it made over a billion pounds profit. This is exactly why the privateering vultures have been circling and now they have been given the Tory blue light to pounce.

Every improvement being offered by the new owners could have been delivered by the public sector.

So desperate are the Tories to please the private sector that they have gone full steam ahead with the disposal six months ahead of the General Election.

You would have thought this Government would have learnt its lesson after the disastrous sell-off of Royal Mail, which is now putting our universal postal service under threat.

I travel weekly on that line to London and back and I know the high level of public satisfaction with the way it is run. I also know the concerns of the workforce who fear for their jobs just before Christmas.

But that is the Tories for you. Choosing to profit the City slickers instead of serving the taxpayers and passengers!