EU Referendum: Nine comments from readers who are supporting 'Vote Leave'

Nigel Farage has voted this morning. Picture: Press Association.
Nigel Farage has voted this morning. Picture: Press Association.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has already cast a leave vote in today's EU Referendum.

But will you be joining him?

The public's views appear to be split on today's vote, with many expecting a close call for Britain's future.

Here's what you, our readers, are saying about leaving the European Union.

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Lee K Nelson: "Just vote out man and save the country."

Linda Graham: "After all when you're on minimum wage and zero hours you haven't got a lot to lose but an awful lot to gain. VOTE LEAVE."

Mark Kennedy: "I want to run my business and raise my kids under democratic rule, not dictatorship, which is what the EU is."

Margaret Crosbie: "Yes, leave. Did not want to join in the first place."

Paul Loy: "Out. We need to take our country back."

Darren Waddle: "It's about time we jumped this sinking ship and rescued ourselves."

Victoria Vosper Atkinson: "The road may be bumpy at first, but we will ride the storm and it will all be worth it. Vote leave!"

Paul Jopling: "Well I say vote out and let's see what happens, eh?"

Eddie Goodwin: "What has the EU done for the working people of Sunderland? Not a thing."