Here's how many of you think Jeremy Corbyn can win the next election for Labour ...

Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as Labour leader on Saturday.
Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as Labour leader on Saturday.

After Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as leader of Labour this weekend, we asked you if you thought he could lead his party to victory in the next general election.

The MP took 61.8% of the vote against challenger Owen Smith - and his win has persuaded more than 2,000 of our readers that he can win against the Conservatives.

We asked the question: "Do you think Jeremy Corbyn can win the next general election for Labour?"

Can Jeremy Corbyn win the next general election for Labour?

More than 2,400 of you responded - with an overwhelming 89% majority voting yes (that's 2,166 votes at the time of writing).

You also came in your dozens on social media to share your views of the politician - and below are some of your comments.

Helen Wade: "100% definitely back this bloke, he's has all the others running scared at all the good he can and will do, he's never lost an election yet, come on Jeremy show them how it's done."

John Heslop: "JC appears to be a nice bloke with integrity - which is in short supply in Westminster. Sadly he is not a leader and doesn't stand a cat in hell's chance of becoming PM. Without a winning leader there can be no power and without power the laudable policies and the principles upon which they are founded are just words of protest."

Ray Doyle: "Sunderland have more chance of winning the Premier [League]."

Bill Mcdonald: "I don't think he can win support in the country not while his left wing associates are pulling the strings. They nearly destroyed the party in the eighties, they might succeed this time."

Ian Kerton: "No chance of voting Labour again whilst he is in charge. The Labour Party had its chance and never took it and I think they'll regret it come the elections."

Michael Wilson: "No and I've always voted Labour."

Peter Chamberlayne: "I would say yes, but with two serious provisos. He MUST come up with or compromise on a UK defence strategy that includes nuclear weapons & he MUST agree to honour the Brexit vote of the country."

Hamid Khaliq: "Yes. People who say he's unelectable have been swayed by the media in to thinking this way and need to look at the facts."

Angela Wilkinson: "Not only will he be PM but he will be one of the best in many years. Completely different, radical and not drawn to appealing to the media. It will take a while for people to understand what he can offer as his message is often overshadowed by the establishment desperately trying to discredit him but he will win the public over."