Jarrow Independent candidate Shaun Sadler's pledge to donate MP’s salary to charity if chosen at General Election

A Jarrow businessman, who is standing as an Independent in the upcoming General Election, has said he will donate his MP’s salary to charity if he’s elected on December 12.

Shaun Sadler, 49, has chosen to stand as an Independent candidate for Jarrow, believing that the constituency has been “taken for granted” by politicians for too long.

The dad-of-three, who has lived in Jarrow all his life, set up the successful UTS Engineering 20 years ago, which now has over 200 employees.

Mr Sadler said, if elected, he would make the reopening of St Clare’s Hospice a ‘key priority’ and also says he wants to give the constituents a voice on issues that affect them.

Independent candidate for Jarrow, Shaun Sadler will donate his MP's salary to charity if elected.


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“This election is very important, we really need to consider who we vote for and how we deliver what’s best for the area,” he said.

“The Jarrow constituency has been viewed as a safe seat for years and the voice of the people is being ignored. I believe in democracy, constituents need to be heard.”

If elected, Mr Sadler says he will not be accepting his MP’s salary of £79,000 per annum and instead will donate half to local charities and the rest to grassroots sports and clubs in the area.

“With the average salary within the constituency being £26,000 and the basic MP’s salary at around three times that, it doesn’t feel right to me morally or ethically,” he said.


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“Money wasn’t a motivation for me. I am passionate about the town, this is about giving something back.”

If successful on December 12, Mr Sadler has pledged to make the reopening of St Clare’s a key priority, as well as bringing in new opportunities for people of all ages and delivering on Brexit.

“I’m just a normal lad from Jarrow but I have worked hard and had some fantastic opportunities. I may be in a fortunate position now but I know what it’s like to experience struggles.

“We need to invest in the area, there’s a lot of good people here who just need the opportunities to get them to the top.


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“My only stance will be what is best for the population of the area.”

The full list of candidates standing in Jarrow is: Mark Anthony Conway (Social Democratic Party), James Paul Milne (Green Party), Richard Leslie Monaghan (Brexit Party), Nick Oliver (Conservatives), Kate Osborne (Labour), John Andrew Robertson (Independent), Shaun William Sadler (Independent) and David Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats).