Local health bosses seem set on sabotaging the NHS

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I’M delighted Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, reaffirmed in Parliament his promise to keep “open for good” our threatened Jarrow Walk-In Centre.

I’ve also received confirmation from Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, that he’s referred our case for the centre to be saved to what’s called the Independent Reconfiguration Panel for it to review the plans.

So why are out of touch local NHS bosses still not listening? Why, here on South Tyneside, are they pressing ahead with the destruction of the Jarrow centre?

Dumping on local doctors the 27,000 patients who use the centre will sabotage the NHS. I appeal to these NHS bosses to stop and listen.

The most ideological Tories, who hate the NHS, are axing and busy privatising to undermine the entire service so the smouldering remains can be sold off. But we have a right to expect better from local health bosses who should suspend the Jarrow closure until we know the result of May’s election.

I recall David Cameron’s hollow words before the last General Election, telling us the NHS was safe in his hands. His nose should be longer than Pinocchio’s.

Labour will always love the NHS. Labour created the NHS, saved the NHS and tripled spending to reviveit.

You have my word that if Labour wins the General Election on 7 May we’ll make it a people’s NHS, reducing waiting times and improving treatments instead of closing services such as the Jarrow Walk-In Centre.