Meet the candidates for the Cleadon and East Boldon ward standing in the South Tyneside Council elections 2019

This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we’re turning the spotlight on South Tyneside’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2

By Chris Binding
Monday, 29th April 2019, 3:52 pm
Updated Monday, 29th April 2019, 4:00 pm
Clockwise from top left, Joan Atkinson, Colin Campbell, Jane Carter, Ian Forster, Dave Henderson, David Herbert, Sarah Jane McKeown, Fiona Anne Milburn, Christopher John Smith, Doriza Karin Wetz, Donald Wood.
Clockwise from top left, Joan Atkinson, Colin Campbell, Jane Carter, Ian Forster, Dave Henderson, David Herbert, Sarah Jane McKeown, Fiona Anne Milburn, Christopher John Smith, Doriza Karin Wetz, Donald Wood.

Each one will be given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why people should vote for them. Here are the candidates for Cleadon and East Boldon ward.

Joan Atkinson (Labour Party)

I’m delighted to stand for Cleadon and East Boldon where I have lived for 40 years.

Preserving the character of the villages and their environment is of paramount importance.

My record of action such as working with community groups like East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum, friends groups, litter picking and planting with volunteers, gives opportunities to meet residents, listen and share local views.

People want approachable, accessible and hard working councillors who keep in touch and act for them; I offer all that with honest regular communication.

Working all year round, actions not just words, I hope to be re-elected for another term of office.

Colin Campbell (Independent)

So why me? I have lived in Cleadon 46 years.

I founded fledgling Cleadon forum. I’m not a weekend warrior’ I take on this labour council 365 days a year.

*A 98% labour council is not democracy.

*Centaurea Homes Ltd - 100% council-owned property development company wich will build on land near you and make money? Who audits?

*South Shields community school -still 16 months to save it, Labour council won’t even try.

*365 project. Millions of pounds spent on buying property. Result? The Word. Five years wasted.

Jane Carter (Labour Party)

I’m privileged to have been selected as one of the Labour candidates in Cleadon and East Boldon, having lived in South Tyneside all my life.

The council elections are about local issues and I want to make sure South Tyneside is delivering good quality and responsive services to the people of Cleadon and East Boldon.

I’m committed to doing everything to protect the special character of our villages and will work throughout the year, not just at election time.It is extremely important to get the views from constituents and I would ensure that their voices are heard.

Ian Forster (Independent)

To introduce myself, I’m Ian Forster (57) and have lived in Cleadon since 1987.

My wife Carole of 34 years was brought up on Langholm Road, East Boldon.

Upon leaving school I worked as shipwright, before joining Northumbria Police where I served for thirty years.

For the past few years I have worked for a ‘self funding’ charity.

My reason for standing is to act as an independent voice to protect our greenbelt land from development.

I can assure you I will be vocal in doing so.

I will also always be available to listen to your concerns and act to resolve them.

Always working for a better Cleadon and East Boldon.

Dave Henderson (Independent)

I have lived in Cleadon and East Boldon since 1968, married with two daughters and retired from BT engineering/management.

Independent because I cannot align my views with any political party.

I believe that the council should work with the community: for the community.

Like many of you, I volunteer for community projects: mine are cutting the bowling green, tending a flower bed/garden and Cleadon Pond.

There are many local issues about which I have already been approached (green belt, parking,traffic,road surfaces).I will do my best.

People not politics that’s the plan.

David Herbert (Green Party)

Living in Cleadon Village for 55 years, I value the green spaces available to everyone.

The green belt protecting us from excessive development is threatened and must be protected.

The council’s priorities lie elsewhere, illustrated by their crushing of village residents who tried to protect Oakleigh Gardens playing fields from housing development.

I supported the residents in this battle for Village Green status as the fields have been used by generations for healthy outdoor activities.

The council should support them, not spent council taxpayer`s money in opposing them.

If elected I would fight for all our precious green spaces.

Sarah Jean McKeown (Green Party)

The local Green movement is gaining strength year on year as people become more concerned about issues affecting our families’ health, well being and quality of life.

Air pollution in residential areas is shamefully high, green belt land is under threat of development and local hospitals are threatened with closure.

As a local resident I feel the impact of these things every day and the frustration of people who feel they’re not being listened to.

Just one green councillor can make a difference, providing a fresh voice on a council that for too long has not been held to account.

Fiona Anne Milburn (Independent)

Living in today’s economically challenging times means we are all looking for value for money.

I firmly believe that as some of the borough’s highest council tax payers that you deserve a better deal.

The Labour council has cut funding for community wardens, school crossing patrols and libraries for example, then charges you for green bin collections, is reluctant to fix potholes and pavements but pays for celebrities to switch on Christmas lights in King Street.

It simply isn’t fair. Vote for common sense and to get your voice heard, vote for a better Cleadon and East Boldon, vote Fiona Milburn.

Christopher John Smith (Conservative Party)

As your councillor I will raise the issue of potholes in and around Cleadon and East Boldon, which cause a nuisance to our road users and are damaging to vehicles.

I will push for parking permits to be implemented near East Boldon Metro Station to deal with residents concerns about traffic congestion and accessibility on Station Road and Station

Approach, which presents a potential safety issue to our residents.

I will also be a strong opponent of building on the green belt, it is fresh air and open spaces like these, which are fundamental to our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Doriza Karin Wetz (Liberal Democrats)

My name is Doriza Wetz. I‘m a German national that has made Britain home for the last 15 years, living near Asda Boldon with my English family.

I have lived in several countries throughout my life and I would like to bring the experiences I have gained to help the Cleadon and East Boldon ward going forward.

I have always worked hard to achieve my goals and as a centerist, EU citizen, the Liberal Democrats were an obvious choice for me to join.

I have experience in working with several social projects with young people and can speak four languages.

Donald Wood (Conservative Party)

My three-point plan for Cleadon and East Boldon.

I vow to stand up to protect and prevent any future development to the green belt in Cleadon and East Boldon .

Parking around the East Boldon metro station is also a problem which needs addressed.

I will explore the idea of introducing a permit scheme to deal with road side parking in neighboring streets to reduce congestion and improve accessibility.

Potholes are also a problematic in the ward and I will as far as possible campaign for funding to have roads resurfaced which are in a bad state of repair.