South Tyneside local elections: Who will get your vote in Bede ward?

Candidates in the Bede Ward, from left, Tony Gair, Steve Harrison and Margaret Peacock. Not pictured: Mary Golightly.
Candidates in the Bede Ward, from left, Tony Gair, Steve Harrison and Margaret Peacock. Not pictured: Mary Golightly.

The local government electiosn are just days away, but who will you be voting for on Thursday?

This is what candidates in the Bede ward in South Shields have to say as they go looking for your support.

Tony Gair (Green Party)

I live in South Shields with my partner and our young son.

I have started two successful local businesses involved in automated energy efficiency in homes, so I am well aware of both the issues and challenges facing small business, and the difficulties today faced with finding worthwhile employment.

I joined the Green Party eight years ago, impressed with their grassroots democracy, their stands on equality on race, sex, sexual preference issues and I find their policies to improve social and economic fairness totally convincing. I will stand up for the hard-won rights of free publicly owned and accountable, universal health care, education, and the quality care of our elderly whilst moving to a zero carbon economy which operates for its people rather than seeing them as a commodity to be farmed by an entrenched self-serving elite.

Mary Elizabeth Golightly (Conservative Party)

No information or picture supplied.

Steven Alexander Harrison (Independent)

My name is Steve Harrison, I am a 53-year-old family man living and working all my life in the borough and seen at first hand how the Labour council has totally ignored the residents’ wishes and destroyed the borough and all the amenities that we all took for granted.

Of course this Tory government must take some responsibility for what has happened as they have cut funding, but Labour councillors seem more interested in keeping their perks and increasing their allowances than looking after the roads, pavements, parks, leisure amenities, libraries, day care homes etc.

If you elect me, I will listen to your concerns, look for solutions to local problems and produce a regular newsletter to keep you informed.

I also pledge to do regular street surgeries, where you will have the chance to meet me and give me your views on all issues.

Margaret Peacock (Labour Party)

I am delighted to have been selected by the Bede Ward Labour Party to be the candidate in the May elections and, if re-elected, I will continue to be a strong voice in the Council Chamber on behalf of our constituents.

I was educated and brought up in the Bede Ward and I believe this local knowledge has enabled me to be a really effective councillor over the past four years.

I have held the positions of vice-chair of the Jarrow CAF; chair of the Bede Children’s Centre Forum; vice-chair of the Audit Committee; a governor of Simonside Primary School and a member of the Management Committee of Low Simonside CA, so have taken an active part in working for the people I represent. I also hold regular surgeries, attend estate walkabouts and support the 4Bede residents’ meetings. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard for our constituents.