South Tyneside local elections: Who will get your vote in Cleadon Park?

Candidates for the Cleadon Park ward, from left, Colin Campbell, Alex Donaldson, Dave Herbert. Not pictured: Elizabeth Turnbull.
Candidates for the Cleadon Park ward, from left, Colin Campbell, Alex Donaldson, Dave Herbert. Not pictured: Elizabeth Turnbull.

There are just two days left until the South Tyneside local Government elections.

Here’s what candidates in the Cleadon Park ward in South Shields have to say as they ask for your vote.

Colin Campbell (Independent)

Shields Labour party suspended for a year for bullying members. Dissenters can’t event raise an admonishing finger at meetings and these people are trusted by you to borrow £100m on your behalf to allegedly improve a dying town centre? Future generations will pay.

Regeneration above the old Streamline Garage already cancelled through lack of interest.

Labour have 52 our of 54 seats, two more and ‘bingo’, who sits on audit committees? Who says ‘enough’?

Alex Donaldson (Labour Party)

I am a long term resident of Cleadon Park with my wife and family and a Ward Councillor since 1998. I was Mayor of South Tyneside in 2008. I am totally committed to continue the improvements and regeneration in Cleadon Park and Harton Moor. Many things have been done but there are more to do to improve standards for Ward residents to live in a safe and peaceful environment. I work closely with my Ward colleagues Councillor Jim Foreman and Councillor Susan Traynor as a team to deal with all residents enquiries in a prompt and efficient manner. We take these enquiries very seriously and work with Council employees and partners such as the police to bring these matters to a satisfactory conclusion. If re-elected I pledge to continue this work and ask the ward residents to support me in this.

Dave Herbert (Green Party)

I am proud to the Green Party candidate for Cleadon Park having lived in the Cleadon area most my life, bringing up two daughters, who both work for the NHS.

We need a new voice on the council to provide an alternative - for the common good.

South Tyneside Hospital’s A&E is under threat of being downgraded. The council allowed Jarrow Walk in Centre to close and our A&E must be protected.

Littering is a big problem and I have seen while volunteering to clean up Cleadon Park. We lead by example working with local residents organising litter picks.

The costly 365 regeneration project is failing while King Street and market decline. Another supermarket will not solve this.

Local businesses need reduced business rates and rents to protect jobs and keep money circulating in the local economy rather than being sucked out of the area.

Please vote Green for a fairer and sustainable society.

Elizabeth Jane Turnbull (Conservative Party)

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