South Tyneside local elections: Who will get your vote in Horsley Hill?

Candidates for the Horsley Hill ward, from left, Angela Curtis, Marilyn Huartt, Mark Walsh. Not pictured: David Wood.
Candidates for the Horsley Hill ward, from left, Angela Curtis, Marilyn Huartt, Mark Walsh. Not pictured: David Wood.

There are just two days left until the South Tyneside local Government elections.

Here’s what candidates in the Horsley Hill ward in South Shields have to say as they seek your vote.

Anita Daphne Campbell (UKIP)

In the May 2015 General Election UKIP came second behind Labour, pushing the Conservatives into a distant third place. UKIP thus became the official opposition in South Tyneside.

We are the clear second party in terms of the number of votes but what needs to happen is for UKIP to start winning seats so that Labour can be properly held to account within the Council Chamber. For years now the number of people not voting Labour has exceeded those who do.

In April 2016 the entire South Shields Labour Party were suspended because of a culture of “bullying and intimidation”, there is no better time for voters to rally behind the only candidate who has a chance of winning, your UKIP candidate.

Angela Curtis (Green Party)

I am standing for the Horsley Hill ward on behalf of the Green Party. Having lived in South Shields almost all of my life, I have seen many changes in the town over the years, sometimes for the better and sometimes not.

As an opponent of austerity and an advocate for investing in our future, I would like to see much more investment coming to Shields to rejuvenate our town. We need many more good-quality jobs, better public services that work for us all, and a cleaner, healthier environment.

If elected on May 5, I would put all my efforts into trying to make South Shields the sort of town we all want to live in, a greener, cleaner and more prosperous place for us all.

Marilyn Huartt (Conservative)

I have grown up and lived in south Shields all my life and I am pleased to stand for the local elections as a Conservative candidate.

While walking through the Denmark Centre recently I noticed another shop has closed its doors. We are rapidly becoming a town of vacant shop premises. We need a new approach to business rates and parking charges as these do nothing to encourage people into the town centre.

Hebburn and Jarrow are indeed the Nook shopping centres are free to park and all are thriving. Want to go to the beach or the fair, then parking charges are applicable until 8.30pm - ridiculous.

Yes change is happening on borrowed money and a lot of it is wasted. The library at the Nook is now in the health centre but at a cost of nearly £370,000 + services, for 23 years, works out at £9,000,000. What was wrong with the library in Sunderland Road? I would like to bring a voice of change and reason to the town.

Mark Walsh (Labour Party)

First elected for Horsley Hill and Westoe Crown in 2012, I work for a local NHS Trust as a Project Manager. Before that, I worked in local government for over 20 years.

I serve on several committees, most importantly the local Community Area Forum. Together with ward colleagues, we have seen a number of environmental, social and housing schemes come to fruition.

As a council, we are facing unprecedented cuts but we are facing up to the challenge and defending front line services, whilst looking to build a better future for the town.

I am extremely honoured to represent the people of Horsley Hill and Westoe Crown, the area in which I grew up and lived for many years. I am asking once again for the support of residents on 5th May to continue as your local councillor.

David Wood (Independent)

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