South Tyneside local elections: Who will get your vote in West Park?

Candidates in the West Park ward of South Shields for the local elections. Clockwise, from top left, Stephen Dagg, Gladys Hobson, David Walter, Jack White: Not pictured: David Welsh.
Candidates in the West Park ward of South Shields for the local elections. Clockwise, from top left, Stephen Dagg, Gladys Hobson, David Walter, Jack White: Not pictured: David Welsh.

The local elections are just days away, but who will get your vote in the West Park ward in South Shields?

Here’s how the candidates are hoping to persuade you to put your cross in their box.

Stephen Dagg (UKIP)

My name is Stephen Dagg. This will be the second occasion standing as a UKIP candidate in the West Park ward.

I live in Morpeth Avenue, South Shields, with my wife and daughter, who currently attends Ashley Primary School.

I currently work as a self-employed mortgage and protection advisor within the area.

For years I voted Labour in local and general elections, however I have lost heart and faith in the Labour party.

The current Labour council are spending millions on a new library and town centre, the question is will the money spent attract shoppers and new businesses? I don’t believe it will.

I strongly believe we require more diversity and opposition within the council to hold Labour to account.

We need opposition for when you the resident don’t agree with the decisions or actions that the Labour council are taking.

Gladys Hobson (Labour Party)

I am married with three sons, who all went to local schools.

As well as my council duties, I serve as a governor on Ashley Primary, Mortimer Community College and Parkview School.

I am also on the management committee of two community associations. I have a particular interest in transport, serving on the Regional Transport Committee and an involvement in mental health, having been an associate manager of the Mental Health Trust for 15 years.

As a founder member of the Friends of West Park, I will continue to work to raise funds to improve the facilities in the park for the benefit of local people.

I pledge to continue to serve the community of West Park ward and assist its residents to the best of my ability.

David Dean Walter (Green Party)

I’m delighted to represent the West Park ward for the Green Party. I was raised within the neighbourhood and have lived in the area for most of my life.

I have a genuine understanding of the community and can relate to the concerns local people have about not being listened to by big government.

I’m standing for election because I want to see a fairer society, which puts people first.

The current political system serves private corporations over people and this is not sustainable, not for South Tyneside nor the planet.

Join me in calling for a new approach that gives everyone a fair chance. For a vote that matters, vote Green.

David Alan Welsh (Independent)

No information or picture supplied.

Jack Oliver White (Conservative Party)

It’s about time we had a real opposition in South Tyneside. For too long Labour have had almost absolute power – 52 of the 54 councillors are Labour – a dangerous proportion.

With the lack of an effective opposition, they have been able to get out the credit card time after time, spending shedloads of money recklessly on schemes that hard-working council tax payers will be paying for, for many years to come.

Take the library at The Nook, costing £367,000 a year, plus service charges.

The lease is set to last 24 years, costing a total of £9million.

Surely a more permanent solution could have been found at the previous library site in Sunderland Road.

Since then more white elephant projects have been approved, most notably the ‘magnificent’ 365 project, which will cost South Tynesiders £100million.

I am for change and modernisation, but not at the expense of hard-working taxpayers.